Proofreading & Editing

Your document, regardless of its nature, will be proficiently edited and proofread by our very nation-wide best English experts.

Our editors exhibit many years of knowledge and experience in a variety of professional and academic fields, and are perfectly fit to treat your particular type of document.

R&B will ensure that your meticulously revised content is impeccable and immaculate. We perk up your content’s precision, coherence, readability, clarity and suitability for its rationale; we furthermore ensure your document is free of mistakes, omissions, inconsistencies, and redundancies.

You will possess full copyright control and acknowledgment for your edited files. Research&Beyond will by no means collect or allocate your information, and your documents will not be saved without your consent.

Research Department

Our Research Department comprises a pool of the finest quality researchers and writers nation-wide, always ready and fully mobilized to deliver superior products with utmost value. Our research services include:

  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Market Research

Copywriting House

We deliver unique content, purposely devised with engaging dialect and headlines that captivate your customer. We craft a content that reveals your influence while entertaining your prospects, making them eager to know more about you and your business.

Our exclusive team of copywriting experts is exceptional when it comes to embracing a talent of selecting accurately written words and transforming them into a textual sophistication that thoroughly connects to clients and makes you indispensable among your target audience.

Whether you are a Small Business or a Large Venture, no matter what your content requirements are, rest assured that R&B is second to none in making you stand out. Our aptitude to assume hefty content development projects while consistently preserving affordable price offerings makes us one of the most talented and best Copywriting services on the market.

Hybrid App Dev & Design

Hybrid app development is recognized as an avant-garde solution that enables apps for various operating systems. Sharing the same central code across various platforms perks up the development and makes it likely to hit the market faster than others.

Furthermore, new features of hybrid development are released for all platforms simultaneously so all of your consumers will have the same experience.

Research&Beyond’s web app developers will enliven your notions, and make them stand out and outshine.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development:

  • Native functionality
  • Cross-platform adaptability
  • Full coverage
  • Fast
  • Perfect timing
  • Fairly lower in costs than Native Apps

Website Content Writing

You might have the world’s most active website, but if it isn’t delivering content that is worth the time of your website visitors, you will plunge. Unfortunately, devising compelling website substance is not everyone’s scope, for there are grammatical
imperatives and an anticipation of crafty accuracy that comes with it.

We acknowledge that comprising a pristine website content is an immense way to bolster both, exposure and trustworthiness for your business and that is why we provide you the admission to top-notch writers who can deploy their expertise, accuracy, ingenuity, and in particular, their personal commitment to quality.

You are in no need for a writer who appears artificially sharp, but rather you require someone who composes content that accurately, openly, and tremendously delivers.

Graphic Design House

From Corporate Identity & Branding and Graphic Design Services to Print Design Services and much more, all our designs, whether across our WebDev and WebDesign Houses, or even all the way through our entire graphic design services’ spectrum,  with no exclusions whatsoever, are original, uniquely devised and tailored from scratch and according to your utmost preferences.

Our Graphic House also comprises all-inclusive branding for social and corporate events etc.



Web Dev & Web Design

Staying well-informed on the growing web technologies, we have been incessantly modeling our services to address the rising demand for fast, secure and interactive websites:

Full-cycle website design and development: creating a website from scratch, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, quality assurance as well as maintenance and support

Redesign: porting your legacy website, including all the data, to a new, modern solution (it can be another content management system) with a more efficient and responsive user interface

Web application development and integration: enriching your website with out-of-the-box and custom social networking apps, payment solutions, advanced analytics and other tools to increase user engagement

Social Media Services

Any facility, business or organization should nowadays seek to leverage social media channels in the best possible ways.

  • We provide social media services in addition to creating and overseeing top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. Our company administers social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram on your behalf.
  • We employ pertinent social media marketing services to help businesses expand and attain their goals.
  • We offer full-service social media management services. We convert your social media involvement with premium content, regular activity, and an escalating number of followers.
  • Our social media advertising services are verified to speed up and maximize growth.
  • By marketing through social media, all of our customers have reaped results at lesser costs than ever before.
  • Our social media services will help you maximize engagement and connection with the target audience,
    boost reach, cement presence, bolster media coverage and drive targeted traffic.

We are Also Subcontractors...

We handle and execute Outsourced/Subcontracted Projects encompassing Web Dev&Design, Graphic House (A-Z), App Development, Research, Copywriting, Content Writing, and many other diverse services.

We are Subcontractors to

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Startups, Other established creative companies which provide similar products and services as that of R&B, and International Agencies


We take pride in our clients


We redefine the Digital!

Research&Beyond is a Lebanese creative, digital, research and copywriting smart platform that boasts a profusion of subject-matter experts, carefully and diligently scouted and recruited to operate on an all-inclusive breed of creative, digital, and copywriting projects.

R&B constitutes one of the finest and brightest set of national talents, mobilized and perfectly available, at all times, to fulfill your projects’ requirements at minimal and highly competitive rates and short timeframes, yet with unmatched quality and value.

Research & Beyond pledges to commit, engage in, and deliver according to the highest and incomparable standards. Our ambitious and striving team feeds on precision, value, and credibility.

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